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Website and Logo Design
web site design and development

Professional Website Design Company offers
an Infinite number of stylistic possibilities.

We are Professional Website, Logo & Branding Design company with the goal of creating web design that meet client specifications. Our goal is to be aware of client demands and project budget outcomes. We are focusing on determine the project life cycle, independent roles and how our team will function to meet project objectives.

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ecommerce programming

Search Marketing advice tips, trick, news and more from internet marketing professionals.

We can also help you with internet marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click your advertising campaign. Our professionals are proficient in AdWords, and they have proven their skill by receiving Google AdWords Certification. This certification is Google's globally recognized stamp of approval. We will effectively manage your AdWords Campaigns...

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ecommerce programming

With our extensive knowledge of programming in PHP, XML, HTML, XHTML and DHTML and our understanding of CSS styles

and scripting languages such as JavaScript and LiquidPixel script, we can help you design the perfect eCommerce website. We can also use database systems such as MySQL and JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, Prototype and Dojo...

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manage social networking for business

We will help you promote your Business onFaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and many other SMNS.

Social Media Management, Business Social Networking and Professional Online Social Media Profiles For Companies and Professionals...

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Website and Logo Design

Good website design and company logo are very important

Looks are important. If your site isn't visually appealing then visitors will just turn away. How much of an impact looks have will vary considerably from site to site and the only real way of knowing for sure is by testing different designs.

Reasonable indicators are bounce rates and time on page. In general the bounce rate for a good design should be less than that for a not so good design and a good design should have a longer time on page.

 Bounce Rate

When visitors arrive at your site they can do one of two things:

Go deeper into the site or leave.

If they leave without first visiting another page then they have either:

  • Found what they wanted
  • Not found what they wanted and didn't think they would

The percentage of visitors who leave without first visiting another page is the called the Bounce rate.

The Bounce rate gives you an indication of how well your site is engaging visitors.

Time on Page

If your content is engaging then the visitor should take time to read it. A short average time on page is usually a good indication that the visitor didn't find what he wanted or was put off by something.

Web design and logo creations.

To create an effective illustrated logo for your company, SharperWebDesign.com begins with a discovery process, during which we learn about your business and discuss ideas for your identity. Rather than taking a shot in the dark, we choose—in close collaboration with you—an agreed-upon "visual direction." For example, through the discovery process we may determine that a company wants a cutting-edge logo with a progressive font style, vibrant colors, and a circular symbol that expresses motion or action. We then identify several existing designs that are to the client's liking. This provides a solid foundation upon which to build the logo that best represents the client.

Logo Modification

Sometimes a logo just needs a few tweaks and minor updates to bring it to the next level. For cases like these, our logo modification program is a perfect fit. We will alter your existing symbols, graphic effects, shading, colors, etc., and explore numerous fonts and color combination until we reach the design around which you'll develop the future of your business.

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